2014: God Is In Our Future

2014: God Is In Our Future

Resolutions that make a difference in our life rise from resolve – that deep down determination not to throw the towel in the ring when it comes to tomorrow. When the past becomes the concrete that fixes our feet in yesterday’s decisions, we are done. We will live looking backward and not into God’s tomorrow.

But if God is located in our future, coming towards us from that future, and creating tomorrow, then the resolve to walk expectantly into that future is a very Christian thing to do. The problem with New Year’s Resolutions is that they most often depend totally on us: our wishes and wants, our desires and disciplines, our power and perseverance, which are not to be sneezed at. These can carry us quite a distance if they are superior to the other humans with which our efforts are compared.

Walk Expectantly Into 2014 With God

But can we get into God’s future without God? Which is exactly why we practiced waiting for God to come to us all through Advent.

Have we learned to wait and watch for God with an active participation in the life of God?

Time, not lethargy, will tell.

Happy New Year!

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