All I Want for Christmas

All I Want for Christmas

I’m old enough to remember the cheesy song of a child wishing for two front teeth so he could wish us all a “Merry Christmas.” If you are too young to remember that one, lighten up a Christmas party by asking someone to sing it for you. In the cheesy vein, I suppose I could wish for hair, since I still have my teeth.

For ten years, I rounded the curve at the top of the hill on the way to work. The Trevecca campus was visible just over the horizon, beyond the Volunteer Express trucking company. Often, as I took in the sight, I repeated a prayer: Lord, bless the business of these people so much that they will need more land to operate and will sell us theirs at a reasonable price.

The owner at that time, J. B. Baker, had told me that we would get first shot at the property should he ever decide to sell it. But then the company was bought out and became part of a larger organization, and eventually its employees took over ownership. I was sure that would be the end of our chance at purchasing the property.

And I was wrong.

As we got to know Bill Prevost and Ken Hickman, the current CEO and president, I realized that we had met men of sterling character. We worked with them for several years, searching for the alternate location for their business. Five years ago, we agreed on a price. There was nothing in writing, just an understanding between men of faith. But try as we might, we couldn’t find the win-win. And then one day, a member of their board made a suggestion that opened the door to a possibility for another property. Everything fell into place.

All I Want for ChristmasEarlier this month, we closed the deal, and Trevecca now owns the Volunteer Express property I prayed about so many years. They sold it to us at a five-year-old agreed upon price and donated another piece along with it. The price of land around the University has escalated significantly in value over the past five years, but these men gave their word and stood firm in the face of the almighty dollar.

At the closing, Bill handed me a contribution check for the new music building that we will be constructing on the site. Because of the generosity of these men and this company, I’m asking all Trevecca alumni and friends to join me in a ritual. Anytime you pass a truck on the interstate that says Volunteer Express, say a prayer of thanks and ask God to keep the driver safe and the business sound. These people practice their faith.

So what do I want for Christmas this year? The answer is easy: your help with the last $2.5 million needed to finish what Volunteer started – a new music building on the site of a trucking terminal. After all, only in Nashville can you find great music about 18 wheelers.

(And keep your teeth. Just send money.)

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