Christmas Morning at Our House

Christmas Morning at Our House

For years we have followed certain traditions on Christmas morning. Denise buys all the grand kids matching Christmas PJs that they open on Thanksgiving for wearing during the Christmas season and specifically on Christmas morning.

Last year they were all elves. In the years prior, they have been snowmen, red wrapping bows, and reindeer. This year, they are all Santa. We take pictures of them all sitting on the stairs in their matching PJs. Then we adults fill our coffee cups to jump start us from the loss of sleep the night before when the same wide-eyed grand kids were not nestled all snug in their beds but giggling past midnight over the arrival of Santa.

Then we light the Advent Candles and read the Christmas story from Luke 2. I usually pause every few words to allow them to fill in the blanks. They have almost memorized the story. They recite it in larger and larger chunks each year. Of course, they are aging toward being double digits old. And the story is being embedded in them deeper and deeper with each telling.

Sure, they are normal kids. “Can we open our presents now?” Maybe the rush to fill in the blanks is excitement about getting to the goodies under the tree. Maybe one day one of them will say, “Grandpa, would you read that one more time, slowly?”

Nah. They’re kids. But they are kids who find themselves practicing traditions that flow out of a story about a God who loves us enough to become like us so that we may be made like him—even wearing elf PJs.

May the blanks be filled in around your house this week.

Merry Christmas!
Dan and Denise

P.S. See my adorable little elves above and below, Christmas 2012. 2


  1. You are making awesome memories…that really matter. Blessings!

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