Daffodils and Dead Jesus

Daffodils and Dead Jesus

I’m ready for spring. So ready that Denise and I took a few days off in the middle of a work trip and went to Florida. Mickey needed a visit. We needed some sunshine. I think I am solar powered.

Ice damming (a real thing, not a curse) did a number on our roof this winter. We lost a ceiling, three walls, and half of the wood floor in our master bedroom. Our home insurance company still hasn’t gotten here to survey the damage and write a check. Florida was good medicine.

When we got home, the daffodils were up, the ice was gone, and the grass was looking a little green. Spring always seems to arrive when we’ve had it with the cold stuff.

Lots of people liken it to the resurrection of Jesus, which is just around the corner. They say, “Jesus comes back to life again like the daffodils that all died last year but are alive again.”

Not exactly.

Daffodils only wilt and then begin the unseen process of getting ready to bloom again in spring. Jesus was not hibernating in a tomb for three days. He was dead and he wasn’t coming back.

It was not a move from inside the dead body of Jesus that caused the resurrection. It was a move from outside. This is why we confess that God raised Jesus from the dead. Jesus went down into death fully entrusting himself to the Father. This was not do-it-yourself resurrection but the activity of a God who has the power to make all things new, to raise the dead.

And this same God gives us daffodils. Thanks be to God.


  1. Randy Anderson says

    Good work. Wish I was there to fix your roof and drywall

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