$1000, Farmer Jason, and the Trevecca Urban Farm

$1000, Farmer Jason, and the Trevecca Urban Farm

OK, you’ve been given $1000 and are required to spend it somewhere that will make the most difference.

How would you spend it or give it away?

I’d give my $1000 to Farmer Jason who manages our Urban Farm at Trevecca.

A little background on Farmer Jason for you.

Jason Adkins received his BA in English from Trevecca and Masters of Letters in Religion at University of Newcastle, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. He has extensive experience, training, and leadership in organic growing. He farmed in the Whites Creek and Joelton area from 2003 until 2011 managing an educational farm for recovering addicts and another for fatherless boys through the Family Foundation Fund.

Jason has a Permaculture Design Certificate from Spiral Ridge Permaculture and completed a Commercial Urban Agriculture training from Growing Power in Milwaukee. He has been the vice president of the Tennessee Organic Growers Association (TOGA) for nine years and its president for the last two. He has presented at six state agriculture conferences and one international conference. He has conducted small-scale agriculture trainings in Asia (2013) and Africa (2014). Jason has had a relationship with Tennessee State University, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences through the years—attending their trainings and also teaching an extension class on organic farming. Jason received help through Davidson County Extension Office and recently taught their Master Gardner track on organic gardening.

The walking brand of urban renewal, Jason, his wife, and their 5 children purchased a dilapidated apartment structure that once was the center of drug use and prostitution in the Chestnut Hills Community. They have restored the building and participated as key leaders in the Chestnut Hills Neighborhood Association. He is an advocate for affordable housing and is a deeply respected man in the community.

Jason does more good with a dollar than almost anyone I know. At times I believe he is extravagance-challenged. From his work, children in the inner city of Nashville have fresh vegetables to take home to Mom, our campus has fruit trees in strange places, bees are pollinating our flowers, honey is being collected, animals are being cared for, and the next generation is getting a hands-on education in what it means to be stewards of God’s creation. Jason is multiplying his influence into the future via the education happening on an urban farm.

Trevecca Urban Farm

We believe his work was important enough that we built him a barn (pictured above). (I’ve been raising money for the barn by donating money from the sales of my latest book, Human Sexuality: A Primer for Christians.)

For my money, Farmer Jason is a good investment.

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  1. Teresa Hodge says

    I couldn’t agree more, that donating to the Trevecca Urban Farm is a GREAT use of money.
    That’s why I raised $1,000 from SE Region District NMI presidents this past December, and donated it to the barn project. Our SE region presidents look forward to meeting, again this November 8-9. I hope we can have a tour of Trevecca’s Urban farm arranged…and raise some more support!

  2. Pam McGraner says

    What an awesome man! I love Trevecca and I love the Urban Farm!

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