First Day of Spring

First Day of Spring

Our tradition is that I get Denise flowers on the first day of spring. Now that we have two furry creatures in our home who love to eat flowers and knock over glass vases, the tradition has warped into plant-able yard flowers, usually daffodils. We have a growing spread of them in our flower beds.

Which begs the theological question, is Easter like spring? It certainly shows up on the calendar that way.

Spring arrives and Easter is not far behind. I’ve heard adults explain the Easter resurrection of Jesus like spring flowers: what was brown and dead springs back to life again every year.

Well, yes—but no.

Spring reminds us that created life moves through cycles/seasons, yet is sustained by the breath of God and the Christ in whom all things hold together. Resurrection is about something planted that has no life left in it, no future imagined for it, and nothing but everlasting dust to describe it.

resurrection spring Easter

Then God moves—in a much deeper and different way than waking up daffodils. Resurrection tells us that our endings and our dust, in the hands of God, are not endings. We shall be raised in resurrection morning, more beautiful than a daffodil, more everlasting than Spring.

Spring is a beautiful reminder. Easter is our hope of a future.

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