Happy World Health Day and Human Cloning

Happy World Health Day and Human Cloning

I suppose Hallmark has a card for this one. I am convinced that all the holidays on our calendars are the hard work of greeting card companies. April 7 happens to be marked as World Health Day (which actually is the day the World Health Organization was founded in 1948).

How might we celebrate World Health Day? Given the national debate we are in over Obama Care and the global concerns for third world medicine, I think it might be a good thing for Christians to care about and work for the health of humankind. At Trevecca, we do this through science, pre-med, social justice, food justice, and a remarkable Physician’s Assistant program that has 800 applications for every 50 available spots. It is exceptionally rigorous. Our hope is to give the world healers formed by the people of God. We begin with a free clinic in our own neighborhood.

Maybe the guiding principle in the national and global debates is for Christians to begin with the premise that God would be in favor of health care for all humans. Then we’ll have to deal with our own willingness to care for the neighbor. Then we’ll have to deal with the laziness that marks some humans – “my problem is someone else’s responsibility.” Then we’ll have to cut ourselves loose from the political parties that tend to co-opt the kingdom values in preference for self-interests. Sounds overwhelming.

My friend Sid decided to provide intestinal worm pills (10 cents each) to third world people. This allows the nutritional value of all the feeding programs in those countries to have full impact. He has been at it for over a decade. I think Sid gets World Health Day. So—to Sid Gholson, Happy World Health Day. People like you make me want to believe in human cloning.

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