An Important Mother’s Day Message

An Important Mother’s Day Message

To all you college students out there, listen up. I have an important Mother’s Day message just for you.

I know you are in the heat of final exams and term papers and squeezing out the best grade you can make in that tough class. I know you may be thinking only of graduation, summer school, or a sunny vacation right now.

But there is a day that shows up on the calendar the same time every year and it needs your attention. Your mother needs a card, a call, a flower, or a gift. Any sign or signal from you that lets her know she is lovingly remembered on this day will do more good than you’ll ever know—until you have a kid in college.

Because some day, if you are blessed, you will have a child that you birthed, burped, fed, changed, funded, taxied, chased, lectured, prayed for, agonized over, championed, incarcerated (in their room), chore-d, challenged, pushed, prodded, and  provoked—go away to college. And you will walk by their room and miss them. You may even cry. And their life will be so full of other people, places, and things that you will suspect they have forgotten all that stuff you did and how much they matter to you.

And on Mother’s Day, you will sit, wondering if they will remember. You will carry your cell phone with you all day and leave the ringer on in case they call during the pastor’s sermon and when they do, you will exit the pew and on your way up the aisle with your phone against your ear you will whisper loudly enough to be overheard by the whole congregation, “It’s my kid calling to wish me Happy Mother’s Day,”and they will smile and know you are the best mother in the whole world.

So go to the book store and buy your mom a card.


  1. Rodney Shanner says

    Well said!!

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