For Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day

To my wife and the mother of three remarkable daughters,

I don’t usually do this. Truthfully, I gag a little at all the sweet posts that are shared between husbands and wives ON PUBLIC MEDIA. Denise and I have agreed to keep our expressions of love private. We tell each other but not my 5000 Facebook friends or her 3000 or my fan page or Twitter buddies or LinkedIn pals. Do they really need to know how much I love my wife or that she looked really hot in that outfit today?

But it’s Mother’s Day. Again, I’m in hot water. I bristle at the growing number of holidays for which we are supposed to buy a card, a gift, and go out to eat. I suspect Hallmark and Applebee’s are behind the conspiracy. And why should the husband be expected to do something to recognize his wife on Mother’s Day? Isn’t this the kids’ responsibility? She’s their mother, not mine. I can feel the heat rising out there in cyber-land even as I type. For those of you who hate what I just said, sometimes I use ghost writers.

My mother died this past year. It will be my first Mother’s Day with her gone. Alzheimer’s claimed her and created an absence, but now the breath has followed her mind to another place. I deeply miss her. She was steel in my character. She is a voice of conscience, some of the ethic in my work, and now the one who has left the light on for me when I come home.

And Sunday I celebrate the mother of our three children, the wife of my youth, and the finest person I know. Denise is my best friend, the person I’d rather be with than anyone or anywhere in the world. She didn’t grow up in a Christian home. Her family came to faith during her early teen years. She was saved from a lot of the religious jargon and games that neutered the faith of my generation. She loves neighbors more than I do and her emotional quotient (EQ) beats the socks off my IQ. She stayed home and raised three daughters who are the pride and joy of our life. No job I’ve done compares to the work she did in forming our children into wonderful adults. It will take them a lifetime to fully comprehend the gift she has given them.

So, today I break my rule and ooze all over public media. Denise Boone, you are one great mother, friend, wife, and woman. Be joyous on this day. I love you.


  1. Carol-Sue Nix says

    Dan, I just found out this past month that your mother had passed away. I remember her as a prayer warrior. She always had a smile and hug for me when I visited McComb. Know that you and the family are in thoughts and prayers.

  2. Jeremey Veal says

    Denise you have also been a phenomenal mother to all of your students at Trevecca as well (I am one of those)! Thank you for your affectionate connection to the student body, your display of grace, and willingness to be playful! I will never forget the year you and DB came to South Carolina to speak to my students during our Deeper Weekend and you DESTROYED our students in dodgeball! You’re AMAZING! Happy Mother’s Day to my TNU Mom! Love and appreciate you both very much!

  3. Rose Alison says

    You married a keeper. We love her, too. Happy Mother’s Day, Denise.

  4. Miles Q. Turner says

    Dear Dan,
    I can attest to the fine job Denise did with your daughters – all three of them. With 18 days to go to my retirement I find myself looking back over the 70 productions I directed at BBCHS. I gaze at the photos, and sad to say, I cannot remember all the names in all of those shows anymore. Time and the sheer number allow me to recall just an handful from each play or musical. However, I have no trouble remembering all three of my Boone Girls. Beautiful, talented, and fun to work with, each one. And that is a credit to Denise and to you, sir.

  5. Dale Wine says

    Thanks, Dan. You are blessed to have Denise. And your daughters. I love them all. And you.

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