From the Mouths of Kids—About a Dad

From the Mouths of Kids—About a Dad

For this Father’s Day, I decided to turn to the true experts on the subjects: my grandchildren. You’ll hear from each of them as they answer the question, “What do you like best about your dad?”

I love when my daddy plays hide and seek and tickle monster. He also spins me around while singing ‘Frozen’ to me and I never stop giggling. The moment he stops spinning, I ask for more. He is the best dad because he loves me and takes care of me!”

—Rowan, age 19 months (as interpreted by Mom)

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I love that my dad is funny.  My dad takes me camping. I like that he spends time with me when he has breaks from his work.  I sometimes call my dad Edwina.  I love him.”

—Clara, age 6

“I love that my dad is funny.  He teaches and goes fishing with me.  He takes me hiking and teaches me about bugs and animals.  I love it when he wrestles with me.  I love that one time he played hide and seek with me and my family.  I made the mistake of hiding in the shower and he turned the cold water on me.  My dad and I both love spicy food.  He is the best, funniest, helpful dad—and the best prankster.”

—Eleanor, age 10

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I like my dad because he is nice, caring, loveable, and funny, and fun. One time we were going to go to Chick-fil-A for daddy-daughter date night but we found out it was on the wrong day, so, my dad took me to Panera, my favorite restaurant, instead. My dad even does stuff when he doesn’t want to do it just for us. Like sometimes, on Tuesdays when we have dates and it’s my turn with Mommy, he puts Boone to bed even when he doesn’t want to (Boone is cray-cray). I love my dad.

P.S. He’s the best dad in the world—wait, no, the universe (not counting God).”

—Anna, age 8

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I love my dad because he is awesome! He is the best dad in the world. He plays Legos, ninja turtles, softball, catch, and superheroes with me. He’s good at wrestling. He bought me a slushy one time and took me on a picnic. He took a walk with me and I like him because he is the best daddy in the world. He cleans the dishes when he doesn’t want to. He serves us dinner. He serves us lunch and breakfast. I love my dad because he can make my hair look crazy and he taught me how to do Boone’s hair crazy. He cleans up my room and he cleans up the playroom. I love you, Daddy.”

—Grey, age 6

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I love Dada. Dada is pice (nice). Dada makes me scream for fun. Dada reads me stories. Dada holds me. I love Dada. He keeps me safe by buckling me in my car seat. Dada makes me “appy” (happy).”

—Boone, age 2 (as written by his big brother and sister)

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It appears to me that the gift of time and attention is what makes a child think their dad is great.

Have a wonderful Father’s Day!

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