Remembering Faye Speer

Remembering Faye Speer

If you’re young, you should know I’m writing about a time long before when you were born. But if you’re a little bit old (like me), you remember the singing Speer Family, the first family of gospel music. They were to early Christian music what Billy Graham was to evangelism crusades.

Faye Speer was born into a Nazarene preacher’s family, came to Trevecca when she was 15, and married the son of the Speers, Brock. They traveled the country singing gospel music to thousands. They were early versions of Christian rock stars, but never carried themselves that way. They were quite humble—except for cut-up younger brother, Ben.

Faye left college to travel with the family, but after having children, left the road for the life of a mom. During those years, she decided to finish her college degree. Faye returned to Trevecca when Denise and I were just starting our college years.

We were a generation apart. She was the age of our parents, but we were doing college together. Faye fit right in. For Christian circles, it would be like having Taylor Swift going to college with you when she turned 40. We graduated together; she even signed our yearbooks.

Faye was buried on October 15, 2015. All that time, all those days on campus, we never knew we were in the presence of royalty. Faye was a friend. Thanks to Bill Gaither and his video-making machine, she will live on in the Gaither Homecoming videos (probably DVDs by now).

But even sweeter, she lives in the memory of a generation whose stars were humble, kind, and good.


  1. Brock, Faye, and Ben ministered at one of my pastorates twice. They did an awesome job and they were gracious people. There was no pretense about them. My wife and I enjoyed a brief concert by “The Speers” at the General Assembly in San Antonio. One of the songs from that concert has stuck with me over the years, “I’m Building a Bridge”. I think it was written by Brock’s Dad. Great people.

  2. Well said, Dan. My all time favorite Gospel group. I have many of their albums

  3. junior sprayberry says

    she was the best singer

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