I saw something beautiful today

I saw something beautiful today

A few reflections from this past Sunday. 

I saw something beautiful today: a new church was born.

The congregation that my wife and I attend opened their arms 16 months ago to a pastor couple who have worked among us to collect a group of people with the commitment to launch a new congregation in a different part of the city. Ours is a congregation that had its own birth less than 10 years ago in a storefront building. Now it has reproduced itself in loving generosity. With the world awash in “big,” it was moving to see something tiny and small take its first steps today.

The launching pastor, with tears in his eyes, compared the mother church to a pregnant woman glowing in the beauty of new life. The two congregations gathered as one for the last time today and shared the Lord’s Supper, sang “Great is Thy Faithfulness,” and spoke a blessing. Next week, another part of the city will be graced with the presence of a loving new congregation.

I saw something beautiful today.



  1. Teresa Hodge says

    What a blessing it has been to go on this 16 month journey with Real Life Community Church of the Nazarene! The spirit of selflessness modeled by our pastor, Erik Gernand, took hold of this church family and never let go! The Sunday morning service, Sunday night “Sending Supper,” and upcoming sharing events are providing waves of blessing.

  2. Sid Gholson says

    God is leading and the faithful are following….

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