SEC Football and the Worship of God

SEC Football and the Worship of God

I was sitting in a Trevecca chapel service and noted some exuberant worshipers. They were in a distinct minority in their expressiveness.

Now mind you, I am a cerebral worshiper myself. I find God better in quietness than noise. My hands are normally in my pockets and my eyes often closed as I absorb and reflect on what is being said and done. Things don’t need to get frisky for me to believe that God is among us.

But on this day, my mind raced to SEC football. Without doubt, it is the best college football played anywhere in the world. Look at the trail of championships, the players in the pros, and the passion of the fans. Every team in the SEC has rich, long-standing rituals. They have chants that all the fans know. There is a run-up of smack-talking on Facebook as the weekend game approaches. Websites dissect the games ad infinitum. And the standings are better memorized than John 3:16.

So you expect me to ask, “Why are we so passionate about SEC football and lifeless in our worship of God?”

I won’t. I just want people to leave me alone when I go to a ballgame and don’t care to stand and yell.

Oh that we could all be exactly who we are in worship and play.


  1. Good observations Dr. Boone. I think the passion a lot of people have for football needs to find its way into our worship. I don’t necessarily mean our worship style, but our passion about having worship an important part of our lives. We build the rest of our schedules around football. Schools and churches have learned to not schedule competing events with Auburn and Alabama football in my state. I think we need that kind of passion and refusal to compromise with our worship time. Regardless of our worship style, we need to be intentional about making sure God’s time is uninterrupted and unchangeable by lesser events.

  2. Jonathan Privett says

    I’m convicted. Bad. Really bad. Last Sunday after preaching at church I was jumping up and down and turning around as I jumped (amazing for this white man) because the Broncos scored and got a two point conversion with a few seconds on the clock. I wondered how fast the DS would be called if I start jumping and turning around because I was that excited about Jesus. You slated me. Thanks.

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