3 Types of Churches—How to Choose a Church

3 Types of Churches—How to Choose a Church

Choosing a church is no easy task. In Nashville where I live, more than 1000 churches from a plethora of denominations hold weekly services, serve their neighborhoods, and offer fellowship opportunities.

While some people may base their church membership decisions on the style of worship or the senior pastor’s likability, I encourage you to consider more serious criteria as you choose a church.

I believe all churches fall into one of three categories. Where do you see your church in the following descriptions?

Safe Church

At Safe Church, Safe Pastor finds the middle of the road and stays in it.

You will not have any of your thoughts challenged. You will hear from the pulpit what you already think. The radical kingdom of God will be domesticated to fit your cultural prejudice and your convenient, uncomplicated lifestyle. The infusion of new ideas from science, politics, immigrants, minorities, or education will not be welcomed.

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