The Dragon in the Christmas Story

The Dragon in the Christmas Story

If you’ve seen one manger scene, you’ve seen them all. The pieces are the same. Shepherds, angels, and wise men. Joseph, Mary, and a baby. Cows, sheep, and a donkey.

But I’ve never seen a dragon in a creche, have you?

A Dragon in a Crèche?

The Precious Moments Nativity set doesn’t have a fire-breathing dragon. There’s not one in any of the Jerusalem gift shop manger scenes. A quick read of the Gospels assures me that Matthew, Mark, and Luke don’t have one.

But the Revelation of Jesus to John does have a dragon!

You probably didn’t know there was a Nativity story in the Revelation? Sure is. John has a pregnant mother, a baby, angels, stars, and songs coming down out of heaven announcing good news. And right in the middle of his story, he has a dragon.

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