The Deadly Sin of Lust

The Deadly Sin of Lust

The deadly sin of lust seems to meet us at every turn.

Today, we swim in a cultural ocean of blatant eroticism, sexual advertising, accessible pornography, seductive clothing, and body mania. Men are applauded for sexual conquest. Women draw attention by looking and acting seductive. Pre-marital sex is quietly becoming commonplace. Affairs are quickly excused.

I could write post after post about “how bad it is out there,” but the truth is, it has always been bad out there. Except for the “Good Old Days.”

I think there were about three of them.

We find them in Genesis 1-2, where the world as God made it is a sinless nudist colony in a sensual garden where a man and a woman live together in perfect fellowship with their Creator. There has never been better sex than in the Garden.

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