What Would Jesus Say to Donald Sterling?

What Would Jesus Say to Donald Sterling?

What would Jesus say to Donald Sterling about recent events in his life? I think Jesus might say something like this:

When I came to earth to do the work of my Father, I laid aside all power and took the form of a servant. I came not to do my own will, but his. The culture I was born into was Jewish. These people had a rich, storied past with traditions that formed generation after generation. They believed they were the chosen people of my Father—and they also believed, mistakenly, that their chosen-ness was about privilege rather than service.

I found myself deeply at odds with the people of my own race and culture. I knew that I was sent to seek and save the lost, the outcast, the neglected, the poor, the outsider—to make one people out of many. They preferred that I do miracles only among the chosen people and that I lead a political revolt to restore power to them over the occupying enemy. My refusal to adopt their agenda cost me my life. My crucifixion was their way of saying that I was cursed by God and an enemy of the people of God. They called my words blasphemy. Abandoned to the grave, I would have been a minor footnote in Jewish history – a deluded messianic figure who ran afoul with the Jewish religious establishment and the Roman rulers.

But my Father had other things in mind. He raised me from the grave and now I sit at his right hand interceding for those who need the grace available in me. Donald, my Father loves all peoples and redeems all wrong—even yours.”