To Buy a Book

To Buy a Book

My institutional educational journey began in first grade and continued non-stop for 19 years. Something strange happened to me in year 20.

About the middle of August I had this irresistible urge to go buy a stack of books and start reading them. I suppose 19 years of getting your books and going through them worms its way into your habits.

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What I’m Thankful For

What I’m Thankful For

I’m a list maker. It keeps me focused on what else needs to be done. I love crossing them off one at a time until there is nothing else needing my attention.

But the following list is not one I will ever be done with, nor am I crossing these off. It’s a list of things I’m thankful for in no particular order:

  • A faith that has held me when I couldn’t hold it
  • A God who is more stubborn than I am
  • Denise—she is self-explanatory
  • A family that works hard, plays hard, and gives much
  • Hilarious grandchildren
  • The chance to see the future unfold in the eyes of Trevecca students
  • The ability to write and enjoy books
  • Where I get to live
  • Driving a 10-year-old car past 250,000 miles so the university doesn’t have to buy me a new one
  • Three families whose large gifts have made Trevecca much better

That’s 10. I’ll stop there for now. I am a very rich man.

Make your own thankful list and post it in the comments. Don’t forget to download the free Scripture art of Psalm 136:6; you can find it here.

Happy Thanksgiving! May you and yours have a blessed holiday!

All Hallows’ Eve

All Hallows’ Eve

It’s All Hallows’ Eve!

I’ve never jumped on the bandwagon of fighting Trick-or-Treat. I have no problems with Christians who do. I suppose we are not all called to fight the same battles.

Tonight you will find me in our neighborhood driving my John Deere riding mower, pulling a large cart with six grandkids in it. They will be costumed as cute creatures of an imaginary world – probably no demons or darkness. Their mothers are all children of the Light. They’ll go door to door in our neighborhood because our neighbors give out better candy than their neighbors. And because it is a family tradition. It is also tradition that I, the designated driver of these six  2-to-10-year-olds, get all the Snickers. They usually tip me with one or two, but I don’t believe they have yet been converted to total obedience to the law that all Snickers belong to Papa. Please join me in praying for them.

And then the next day, we remember the saints and celebrate All Saints’ Day. Our parents and grandparents, the people from the church who graced us with love, and the odd ones who never seemed to be entrapped in the glitz and glitter of a dark world. We recall their names and give thanks to God for their lives.

My prayer is that the people costuming and hauling kids around on All Hallows’ Eve night will become the same people that are remembered the next day when they are gone.