The Deadly Sin of Lust

The Deadly Sin of Lust

The deadly sin of lust seems to meet us at every turn.

Today, we swim in a cultural ocean of blatant eroticism, sexual advertising, accessible pornography, seductive clothing, and body mania. Men are applauded for sexual conquest. Women draw attention by looking and acting seductive. Pre-marital sex is quietly becoming commonplace. Affairs are quickly excused.

I could write post after post about “how bad it is out there,” but the truth is, it has always been bad out there. Except for the “Good Old Days.”

I think there were about three of them.

We find them in Genesis 1-2, where the world as God made it is a sinless nudist colony in a sensual garden where a man and a woman live together in perfect fellowship with their Creator. There has never been better sex than in the Garden.

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The Deadly Sin of Sloth

The Deadly Sin of Sloth

What exactly is sloth? I’m not talking about the two-toed creature.

What is Sloth in the Seven Sins?

Sloth can look like this:

  • Hitting the snooze button repeatedly
  • Drinking straight from the milk jug
  • Leaving dirty clothes on the floor
  • A love affair with the remote control
  • Never returning calls or writing thank-you notes
  • Leaving exactly two sheets on the toilet paper roll
  • Falling asleep every night in front of the TV
  • Living for sports
  • Tenured professors coasting intellectually
  • Troubled marriages passing on the marriage retreat
  • Knowing TV characters better than family members
  • Preaching other people’s sermons
  • Wandering the mall, killing time, mastering small talk
  • Amusing ourselves to death
  • Letting discipline slide
  • Indifference



Spiritual amnesia.

A deadly sin.

That’s sloth.

Deadly Sin of Sloth Began in the Garden

Every deadly sin has its origin in Eden. The feeding cycle of the garden is simple. Empty. Full. Empty. Full. With the repetitiveness of a ticking clock, humans live their lives in cycles. Morning. Evening. Morning. Evening. Sleep. Work. Sleep. Work. The connection between creature and creator is rhythmic. And the chief end of man is to worship God and enjoy him forever.

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