The Deadly Sin of Pride

The Deadly Sin of Pride

Pride. We’re not talking about a healthy sense of self-worth or a proper self-esteem. We’re talking about the deadly sin of pride, the kind that is snobbish, patronizing, condescending, rude, impatient, demanding, unkind, cruel, insensitive, pompous, egocentric, haughty, vain, superior, and arrogant.

This is the pride of Lucifer himself, the once-upon-a-time heavenly angel of light who decided that he’d rather play first fiddle in hell than second fiddle in heaven. His carnival mirror was bloated beyond reality and Lucifer thought himself too important to stand in the shadow of the Almighty. So he split.

Deadly Sin of Pride

Pride is so easy to see in others, but so hard to see in self. It is especially easy to see in a junior high daughter. She has life all figured out. She knows more than her stupid parents. They are an embarrassment to her. The world revolves around her. The sun waits for her to get out of bed every morning before it dares to shine. She should not have to wait for her turn in the bathroom. The family meals should be what she likes. Her favorite program trumps all others. The parental taxi should be at her beck and call to whisk her to her essential appointments.

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