Forgive Us, As We Forgive

Forgive Us, As We Forgive

We become profoundly human when we are willing to confess that we were wrong, that we have sinned, and that we need forgiveness.

Forgive us our
as we forgive our

What is being said here? Sometimes scripture is the best commentary on scripture. Jesus tells a remarkable parable in Matthew 18:21-35.

Peter is asking Jesus how many times he has to forgive one of the brothers for sinning against him. He even suggests the answer: seven times. Since seven is the perfect, whole, complete number, this ought to be enough. Jesus should congratulate him on being so magnanimously forgiving. The Pharisees drew the line at three, then ka-pow! Jesus raised the ante. Not seven times, but seventy times seven or seventy-seven times—not sure which, but both are a lot more than seven. But the real answer to Peter’s question is not in the number, but in the parable that follows. It goes like this.

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