Sandy Hook Tragedy—One Year Later

Sandy Hook Tragedy—One Year Later

Our child-happy Christmas was violated last year on December 14 by the brutal murder of children in Sandy Hook Elementary School. The world will not be glued to the television in the same way this weekend, but we will pause in many ways to remember the tragedy.

Last year I shared this on my Facebook page:

We are all in disbelieving pain over the darkness of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Rational people believe there are answers that explain why people do evil things. But the very definition of evil is chaos – irrational darkness in which nothing holds together and everything keeps falling apart. No one can “explain” evil, but I do believe God is to be found where evil occurs because God has not abandoned creation.

Across the nation on the Sunday following the tragedy, pastors preached from the biblical text of Herod slaughtering the innocents of Bethlehem. The word many people use to describe this kind of world is “godless.” I suppose this is because God seems far away. But maybe God is most present where evil does its killing.

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