They Also Teach Who Only Serve as Dean

They Also Teach Who Only Serve as Dean

I got a letter with a check in it the other day. The writer was contributing to the endowment scholarship fund of Wayne and Wilma Gallup.

They served as deans of students at Trevecca for a couple of decades. They lived near the campus, raised a bunch of football players who had two little sisters, and knew everybody. The whole family attended the campus church and pretty much filled the youth group. Wayne had a remarkable voice that was like ocean waves quaking when they came ashore. He and Ed Whittington sang many a heavenly duet in the old College Hill sanctuary.

Wayne dealt with the “problem men” on the campus. His experience raising boys had made him an expert in male behavior. His mixture of fun, straight-talk, compassion, and consequences made him memorable. You didn’t pull the wool over his eyes. He made you love him by the way he dealt with you. Wilma was the campus nurse. I think she gained her expertise from the wounds her sons inflicted on each other. She was a saint, and still is.

We lost Wayne about a year ago. Several of the guys who gave him fits (you know who you are) attended his funeral. We loved him because he taught us about fun and honesty and community.

When the check came across my desk, I smiled and thanked God for good people like Wayne and Wilma Gallup who devoted their lives to a generation of students.


  1. Dean & Nurse Gallup were truly Gods servants. Never forgot a story about the choice of the last 2 pieces of pie. One small – One big. Can’t remember if it was Steve or Dean Gallup, but conventional wisdom was that the first person to choose, would choose the smaller piece. Not the Gallup home. If you want the bigger piece, you better grab when you get the choice, with no regret!

  2. Gregory Ruff says

    I needed to read this today, both of the Gallup’s made an impact on my life. I will always remember Dean Gallup. I will never forget and just now can hear his strong voice singing just now. He was a person you could not forget with a singing voice that connected deep inside communicating that God is real.

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