To Buy a Book

To Buy a Book

My institutional educational journey began in first grade and continued non-stop for 19 years. Something strange happened to me in year 20.

About the middle of August I had this irresistible urge to go buy a stack of books and start reading them. I suppose 19 years of getting your books and going through them worms its way into your habits.

I still do this. But I do it around the beginning of the summer when I build my summer reading plan. I still love books. I do some reading from eBooks and I understand the ecology of letting trees live. But I also know that you can’t give your eBooks to friends and say, “Read this and pass it along.”

In my home study, I have a substantial library. Several people work out of it, including my pastor son-in-law. My favorite user of my library is my 3-year-old granddaughter named Rowan.

Rowan loves my books. Her family is living with us while they build a house. Having her around the house this year has been sheer delight. She came into my study this morning and stood looking at the shelves of books.

“Which ones shall we use today, Poppa?” I suggested a few. We browsed their pages, and then selected one to lug around for the day.

Before she left, she stood mesmerized before the collection and announced, “Books are spectacular, aren’t they, Poppa?”

The love of a good book may be one of the most dignifying appreciations known to humans. I hope your school habits still make you itch for a good book.

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