My Top 10 Events in the Last Two Weeks

My Top 10 Events in the Last Two Weeks

Sometimes you have a stretch of events that just makes you glad to be alive and doing what you do. The past two weeks has been that kind of stretch. In no particular order, here’s my list of:

The Top 10 Events in the Last Two Weeks

  1. The celebrations of several of our schools and programs – National Praise and Worship Institute graduating their first class of outstanding worship leaders; Physicians’ Assistant program giving the world the kind of health professionals it needs; the adults who have gone back to finish their college degree testifying at the MHR Degree banquet that Trevecca has re-centered their life and re-connected them to God; the PhD in Clinical Counseling hooding with one of the new Doctors specializing in human trafficking therapy.
  2. Trevecca sports – Men’s Golf wins GMAC Championship; Women’s Golf wins GMAC Championship; Women’s Softball wins GMAC Championship and goes to first ever NCAA Regional; Men’s Baseball wins GMAC Championship and plays in the final of the conference tournament tomorrow; Alexa Rippy goes to regional NCAA Golf Tourney as fist TNU athlete ever to compete at this level.
  3. Five different parents stop me at Nazarene District Assemblies and on campus to tell me, with tears in their eyes, what Trevecca has meant to their sons and daughters.
  4. A new friend tells me that he has left 10% of his estate to Trevecca for student scholarships.
  5. Dr. Brenda Patterson wins Mentor of the Year Award from the GMAC Conference for her spiritual influence and mentoring of student athletes.
  6. I watch the President’s Cabinet work on a way to help the employees of Trevecca gain equity in a new home and live close to the campus by offering a bonus package for purchasing a new home in Walden Grove, adjacent to the campus. They will buy a home selling for $300-400,000 a few miles away for $200-250,000 on the edge of the campus for instant equity.
  7. I see a campus celebrate the work and service of retirees like Joy Wells, Ron Maurer, Georgia Larnes, Leroy Pepper, Rob Blann, and Jan Harvey. Forgive me for the parties I missed.
  8. I see post after post of excited incoming freshmen as they exude joy over their plans to enter Trevecca this fall.
  9. Denise and I see some of our former grads at Prasco Park in Mason, Ohio, and they love their new jobs at a world class pharmaceutical company.
  10. We attend 4 district assemblies and get to see lots of friends and share lots of good news about Trevecca.

And I haven’t even gotten to the Baccalaureate Service tonight and the Commencement tomorrow where 723 graduates will walk the line and be cheered into their futures.

I know the beer guys say, “It doesn’t get any better than this” (referring to having a cold one around a campfire), but I say it does. I’m grateful to be serving a great cause with great people on behalf of a great God.


  1. Amazing 14 days! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Pam McGraner says

    Oh, how I love Trevecca and that my daughter will be entering her senior year there in the fall. What growth I’ve seen in her academically, spiritually and emotionally. This wonderful university has become her second home even though she had ALWAYS said that she would attend school in her hometown. The friends she has made, the challenges that she has accepted, the maturity she has gained and the power of the Godly influence of her wonderful professors have left her dad and me in awe. Every time we visit, we feel just how special TNU is. So I thank God for His provision and pray that it continues until she accepts her diploma in Worship Arts in 2016. Thank you, Dr. Boone and to all others that have gone before, are currently there and will continue to come.

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