Voting Booth Questions

Voting Booth Questions

For a few election cycles now, I have gone to the voting booth with specific questions in mind. I shared these with Trevecca students last night and several asked me to post them today.

Rarely has any candidate been the answer to all seven and quite often the answer is neither. But these questions do help me to think about why I vote for a person or choose to write in another name.

  1. Under which leader is the world most likely to be at peace?
  2. Under which leader will the people of God have the most freedom to carry out the agenda of the kingdom of God?
  3. Under which leader will human life and God’s creation be protected, valued and nourished?
  4. Under which leader will justice be carried out in creating a peaceful society of neighborly concern?
  5. Under which leader will I be expected to be a more responsible citizen in my community rather than a dependent consumer of government goods?
  6. Under which leader will honorable work be valued and made available for all to participate in?
  7. Under which leader will fragile persons be given dignity, then helped to become as whole as possible and then be expected to live as responsible citizens?

I hope these questions help you as you enter the voting booth today.


  1. Rodney Shanner says

    Great questions. That #5 may may be interpreted as “mean spirited” by some elements of our Society.

  2. The only way #5 is mean spirited is if it applies to “you”! When the government handouts were increased we did our society an injustice. We allowed/enabled people with lazy tendencies to become totally dependent on handouts! If you want to improve society…don’t fish for someone…teach them to fish! In other words, help the find a way to provide for themselves instead of receiving handouts for no reason at all!

  3. Sid Gholson says

    Well spoken, Dan.

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