Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my blog!

Over the coming year, I’ll be writing about things that matter. As a university president, I live in the middle of human thought. The generation I serve has no qualms about asking the hard questions. I’ve actually come to enjoy their level of honesty in a politically-correct, afraid-to-offend, throw-your-opponents-under-the-bus type world. I believe we can address issues in a spirit of loving wisdom.

I plan to write on topics like human suffering, social justice, the work we do at our jobs, and the way Christian faith takes form in the daily news. I hope to peer into culture and see if I can detect its subtle temptations for us to be less than we are called to be. I pray to be hopeful and helpful.

So, let’s get the discussion started. I’m looking forward to sharing these serious conversations that matter with you.


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