What Child is This?

What Child is This?

I think the church is trying to wrap its arms around the difficult issue of refugees during this Advent. If Christ came into the world via a story about wise men from other nations, a terrorist massacre of babies in Bethlehem, and the undocumented holy family fleeing to Egypt for safety from mean old Herod, then I think we have all the clues we need to know that refugees need shelter, welcome, and hope. Yes, we can do this and still be cautious.

So I did something very strange for me. I wrote a song. Thankfully, the tune was already in existence. Maybe this will help us remember the refugees this season.

What child is this who lays his head
On earth’s cold ground, despairing?
Who flees for breath and cries for bread
While earth’s dark powers are hounding?
This, this is Christ’s dear child
A refugee from terror wild
Haste, haste to give him home,
This child, the babe of Jesus.

Why lies he in such mean estate
With earthly evils prowling?
Good Christians, hear, your neighbor near
Is to your Father pleading.
‘Where, where are the hands and feet
Who come to save and help the weak?’
Haste, haste to give them home,
The beautiful children of Jesus.

We bring our incense, gold, and myrrh
To serve the fragile stranger;
For we were once the exiled ones
Until found by a Savior.
Ours are the hands and feet
Of Christ who stoops to save the weak.
Haste, haste to give them home
The refugees of Jesus.

Just imagining,


  1. Rodney L. Shanner says

    We must love with knowledge and discernment (Philippians 1:9). Our care for these poor souls must be done with careful screening because of the nature of their violent religion/culture. It is foolish to ignore this reality. If we do not, then the truly innocent refugees are only re-locating their experience of terror.

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